[ tal-uh-hach-ee ]


  1. a river in N Mississippi, flowing SW and joining the Yalobusha River to form the Yazoo River. 230 miles (371 km) long.

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Example Sentences

I am right now trying to contact my attorney to submit a request for redetermination of my parole, denied a few days after my “credible fear” interview in Tallahatchie last April.

I was lying on the floor in Tallahatchie waiting for the transfer, a long and tedious process.

The first friends that this immigration gave me were in Tallahatchie, where I spent a month for my “credible fear” interview, which is just the beginning of this long process.

I didn’t want to appear weak to everyone else, although I imagine my comrades from Tallahatchie were in the same situation.

Tallahatchie is a stately jail in the worst sense of the word.

They weighed his body down and dumped it in the Tallahatchie River.

Moved forward again at daylight on the 14th, crossing the Tallahatchie at Rocky Ford, and bivouacking for the night.

Ferried over the Tallahatchie, and bivouacked for the night seven miles North of it.

"The Tallahatchie has one of the ablest commanders that sail the ocean, for I have seen and know him," continued the lieutenant.

He certainly will; but a great deal depends upon the weight of the Tallahatchie's metal.

But the Tallahatchie was in a position where it was plain sailing now, and her future troubles would all come from the blockaders.





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