tallith katan

[ Sephardic Hebrew tah-leetkah-tahn; Ashkenazic Hebrew tah-lis kaw-tawn ]
/ Sephardic Hebrew tɑˈlit kɑˈtɑn; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈtɑ lɪs ˈkɔ tɔn /
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Origin of tallith katan

ṭallīith qāṭān literally, little tallith

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How to use tallith katan in a sentence

  • One attack came in the form of an interview in "Olam Katan," a weekly pamphlet distributed in synagogues across the country.

    Rabbis Versus Rabbis|Adiv Sterman|March 22, 2012|DAILY BEAST
  • One father spread his tallith over his sons, and killed them and himself.

  • She saw him go down in his working clothes; she did not know that he had hidden the tallith under his apron.

    Neighbors|Jacob A. Riis
  • They laid the body on the floor in front of the prison cells and covered it with the tallith as with a shroud.

    Neighbors|Jacob A. Riis