[ tal-ee-hoh for 1; tal-ee-hoh for 2-5 ]
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noun,plural tal·ly·hos.
  1. Chiefly British. a mail coach or a four-in-hand pleasure coach.

  2. a cry of “tallyho.”

  1. the cry of a hunter on first sighting the fox.

verb (used with object),tal·ly·hoed or tal·ly·ho'd, tal·ly·ho·ing.
  1. to arouse by crying “tallyho,” as to the hounds.

verb (used without object),tal·ly·hoed or tal·ly·ho'd, tal·ly·ho·ing.
  1. to utter a cry of “tallyho.”

Origin of tallyho

1750–60; compare French tayau hunter's cry

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How to use tallyho in a sentence

  • Then Crozier called with a great, cheery voice—what Mona used to call his tally-ho voice.

  • Another minute and a ringing "Tally-ho" comes from down stream, and away swim the hounds, every one in the pack speaking to him.

  • The climax came when he asked the girls, and also their father and mother, to join a party on his tally-ho and go to the races.

    Jolly Sally Pendleton | Laura Jean Libbey
  • You and I know that a four-horse team can pull a tally-ho coach around without breaking its collective neck.

    The Genial Idiot | John Kendrick Bangs
  • Corresponding with Tally-ho in fox-hunting, to announce a view.

British Dictionary definitions for tally-ho


/ (ˌtælɪˈhəʊ) /

  1. the cry of a participant at a hunt to encourage the hounds when the quarry is sighted

nounplural -hos
  1. an instance of crying tally-ho

  2. another name for a four-in-hand (def. 1)

verb-hos, -hoing, -hoed or -ho'd
  1. (intr) to make the cry of tally-ho

Origin of tally-ho

C18: perhaps from French taïaut cry used in hunting

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