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  1. the cry of a participant at a hunt to encourage the hounds when the quarry is sighted
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noun plural -hos
  1. an instance of crying tally-ho
  2. another name for a four-in-hand (def. 1)
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verb -hos, -hoing, -hoed or -ho'd
  1. (intr) to make the cry of tally-ho
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Word Origin for tally-ho

C18: perhaps from French taïaut cry used in hunting
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Examples from the Web for tally-ho

Historical Examples of tally-ho

  • Then that unmistakable screech which is supposed to mean "Tally-ho!"

    Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 26, August, 1880


  • She turned to the group about her, and selected the number which would fill the tally-ho.

  • The moment Andy got loose, away he ran again, with a rattling "Tally-ho!"

  • A tally-ho "bowls" in with the football team, said to be "superior."

    Bright Ideas for Entertaining

    Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott

  • We may take the stagecoach, or a private coach, or tally-ho.