[ tam-buh-reen ]
/ ˌtæm bəˈrin /


a small drum consisting of a circular frame with a skin stretched over it and several pairs of metal jingles attached to the frame, played by striking with the knuckles, shaking, and the like.

Origin of tambourine

1570–80; earlier tamboryne < Middle Dutch tamborijn small drum < Middle French tambourin or Medieval Latin tamborīnum. See tambour, -ine1


tam·bou·rin·ist, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for tambourine

/ (ˌtæmbəˈriːn) /


music a percussion instrument consisting of a single drumhead of skin stretched over a circular wooden frame hung with pairs of metal discs that jingle when it is struck or shaken

Derived forms of tambourine

tambourinist, noun

Word Origin for tambourine

C16: from Middle Flemish tamborijn a little drum, from Old French: tambourin
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