[tam-pee-uh n]
Also tompion.

Origin of tampion

1425–75; late Middle English tampyon, variant of tampon < Middle French, nasalized variant of Old French tapon, derivative of tape plug < Germanic. See tap2
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  1. a plug placed in a gun's muzzle when the gun is not in use to keep out moisture and dust

Word Origin for tampion

C15: from French: tampon
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Word Origin and History for tampion

early 15c., "plug, bung," from Middle French tampon, nasalized variant of Old French tapon "piece of cloth to stop a hole" (late 14c.), a suffixed form of Frankish *tappo "stopper, plug," related to Old High German zapfo and Old English tæppa "stopper" (see tap (2)). Meaning "wooden plug for the muzzle of a gun" (to keep out rain or seawater) is recorded from 1620s.

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