[ tuh-nah-kuh; Japanese tah-nah-kah ]


  1. Baron Gi·i·chi [gee-, ee, -chee], 1863–1929, Japanese military and political leader: prime minister 1927–29.

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Example Sentences

For every 1 percent increase in air pressure, Tanaka and colleagues say, the number of muons that survive passage from the upper atmosphere to the ground decreases by about 2 percent.

Despite medical training and knowing the dangers of heat, Tanaka, who has since finished at least 200 ultramarathons, nearly died that day after pushing through the early and escalating signs of heat illness.

Tanaka and colleagues are currently studying one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

By comparing muon data from before and after this happened, Tanaka’s team may have discovered why the shift occurred.

Tanaka teamed up with Kyle Van Houtan, who works at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center.

But Tanaka has been a little slow in obeying this particular law.

Tanaka then settled into a groove, pitching shut-out ball for the next five innings, fanning eight as the Yankees won 7-3.

Tanaka allegedly came uninvited to the party to congratulate him, along with four other friends.

However, right wing groups threatened board directors who opposed Tanaka around the period the investigation took place.

The TPO is also part of the Ministry of Justice, headed by Mr. Tanaka.

"I'd like to make up one out of my own head though," he thought, and he sat so still that Tanaka glanced back uneasily.

I will send you in good Tanaka's 'rikisha, he will take good care of you and bring you back at tiffin time.

Tanaka had gone to take a bath after his warm run and to drink tea at the little tea-house across the road.

Sanseido Tanaka Masunobu produced hand-coloured and two-colour prints in the Torii manner.

As June and Tanaka made their way up the path, June gave an exclamation of delight.