[tan-juh-reen, tan-juh-reen]
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  1. of the color tangerine; reddish-orange.

Origin of tangerine

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  1. an Asian citrus tree, Citrus reticulata, cultivated for its small edible orange-like fruits
  2. the fruit of this tree, having a loose rind and sweet spicy flesh
    1. a reddish-orange colour
    2. (as adjective)a tangerine door

Word Origin for tangerine

C19: from Tangier


  1. a native of inhabitant of Tangier
  1. of or relating to Tangier or its inhabitants
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Word Origin and History for tangerine

1842, from tangerine orange (1841) "an orange from Tangier," seaport in northern Morocco, from which it was originally imported to Britain. The place name is from Latin Tinge. As a color name, attested from 1899.

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