/ (tænz) /

pl n
  1. the Tans Irish informal short for the Black and Tans

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How to use Tans in a sentence

  • They repeated this so often that before long they were known all over England as the Puri-Tans.

    The Story of the Thirteen Colonies | H. A. (Hlne Adeline) Guerber
  • Her face was a true oval, and her complexion of that kind which Tans readily but does not freckle.

  • A white powder is obtained which Tans when its solution is acidified.

    Animal Proteins | Hugh Garner Bennett
  • The sun and wind soon Tans their faces a reddish brown, but they look healthy, happy, and contented.

    To and Through Nebraska | Frances I. Sims Fulton
  • Yellows, buffs, and Tans are made much brighter by having a cupful of strong, strained coffee put in the rinsing water.