[ tan-yuh, tahn- ]


  1. a female given name.

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Example Sentences

The KC Chapter volunteers did more than just provide Tanya with a car seat.

From Time

When Tanya asked me how they were doing a year later, I didn’t know.

My husband wants to let Tanya go but I want to veto unless Ashley gets to go, too.

But, Ashley’s old enough to understand and even be happy for Tanya, and Sue has a valid reason for choosing as she has.

Also makes we wonder how Ashley has treated Tanya out of the parents’ hearing.

Dovgan is only one of many cases of unlawful detention, according to Human Rights Watch Senior Research Tanya Lokshina.

Nine-time MILF of the Year award winner Tanya Tate says she can't get enough of Game of Thrones.

“Everyone else can get away with it but not me,” Tanya says.

Michelle Obama Wears Tanya Taylor: Up-and-coming designer Tanya Taylor received a pretty big compliment on Wednesday.

And Michelle Obama makes designer Tanya Taylor do "a little dance."

In the almost empty room he saw the auburn head of Tanya, bent over so as to hide her face and show him only her glowing hair.

The crowd of diners had grown thin, now, and he could see clearly the little group at Tanya's table.

Jasperson had been sitting beside the wall, vainly searching among the dancers for Tanya.

Running past the library door, he glimpsed Tanya at work, her auburn head bent over her sketching.

Kovrin sat with Tanya all the evening, and after midnight went out with her into the garden.