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, plural Taos
  1. a Tanoan language spoken in two villages in New Mexico.
  2. a member of an American Indian people occupying a pueblo in New Mexico.
  3. a town in N New Mexico: resort; art colony.

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Example Sentences

A primitive free campground within Carson National Forest about 25 minutes north of Taos, Cebolla Mesa has a handful of campsites literally on the edge of the Rio Grande Gorge.

At Taos, a half-day lesson with up to four people costs $550 total.

People forget that New Mexico has big, snowy mountains, but in Taos, those spiky peaks are hard to miss.

Bowe Ellis, 45, a Taos-based engineer, went hiking in the area on Thursday, and described the scene to Outside.

Joe Marcoline, owner of the small-batch farm-to-bottle hot sauce brand Taos Hum, grows 20 different kinds of chiles at Walking Trout Farm, his 26 acres in Velarde, outside Taos.

From Eater

They may live in New York, San Francisco, or Taos, N.M., but they band together to influence Joe Schmo in Oshkosh, Wis.

Dennis owned a beautiful church-like adobe building near the Taos Pueblo, where his brother lived.

He took me out to the famous cabin outside Taos where Lawrence had lived and worked with his wife, her friend, and a cow.

He had fled to Taos, New Mexico, to join his brother and artist friends Larry Bell and Ron Cooper, who photographed nudes.

They hunted together for many months following until the Captain went to Taos to sell his peltries.

Two days out from Taos, both were surprised to find themselves confronted by four Utah Indians on the war path.

On arriving at Taos, he spent several days with his family and friends, after which he proceeded to Santa Fe.

As soon as he arrived at Taos, Carson sent a messenger with a request that the Utah chiefs would come and have a talk with him.

Colonel Beale, commanding officer of the district, had established his headquarters at Taos.





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