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[tuh-pee-tuh m]
noun, plural ta·pe·ta [tuh-pee-tuh] /təˈpi tə/.
  1. Botany. a layer of cells often investing the archespore in a developing sporangium and absorbed as the spores mature.
  2. Anatomy, Zoology. any of certain membranous layers or layered coverings, as in the choroid of the eyes of certain animals.
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Origin of tapetum

1705–15; < New Latin, special use of Medieval Latin tapētum coverlet (Latin, only plural) < Greek tapēt- (stem of tápēs) carpet, rug
Related formsta·pe·tal, adjective
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Historical Examples of tapetum

  • The tapetum lucidum is found in Ungulata, Cetacea and Carnivora.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 10, Slice 1


  • Iris tapetum: the pigment layer of the compound eye just below the crystalline cone.

  • The subject, however, of the various colours of the tapetum in different animals is not yet understood.

    The Book of Cats

    Charles H. Ross

British Dictionary definitions for tapetum


noun plural -ta (-tə)
  1. a layer of nutritive cells in the sporangia of ferns and anthers of flowering plants that surrounds developing spore cells
    1. a membranous reflecting layer of cells in the choroid of the eye of nocturnal vertebrates
    2. a similar structure in the eyes of certain nocturnal insects
  2. anatomy a covering layer of cells behind the retina of the eye
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Derived Formstapetal, adjective

Word Origin for tapetum

C18: from New Latin, from Medieval Latin: covering, from Latin tapēte carpet, from Greek tapēs carpet
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Word Origin and History for tapetum


1713, from Medieval Latin tapetum, from Latin tapete "carpet."

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tapetum in Medicine


n. pl. ta•pe•ta (-tə)
  1. A membranous layer or region, especially the iridescent membrane of the choroid of certain mammals.
  2. A layer of fibers of the corpus callosum forming the roof of part of the lateral ventricle of the brain.
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