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[tey-per, tuh-peer]
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noun, plural ta·pirs, (especially collectively) ta·pir.
  1. any of several large, stout, three-toed ungulates of the family Tapiridae, of Central and South America, the Malay Peninsula, and Sumatra, somewhat resembling swine and having a long, flexible snout: all species are threatened or endangered.
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Origin of tapir

1560–70;Tupi tapira
Can be confusedtaper tapir
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Historical Examples of tapir

  • And the white bones of the tapir lay in a huddled mass in the open.

    Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930


  • The tapir, then, in point of size takes precedence in the South-American fauna.

  • It now only remained to get the tapir into it, but therein lay the difficulty.

  • Guapo kept his promise with the tapir, and on that very same day.

  • He has reached the spot where Halberger turned in along the tapir path.

British Dictionary definitions for tapir


noun plural -pirs or -pir
  1. any perissodactyl mammal of the genus Tapirus, such as T. indicus (Malayan tapir), of South and Central America and SE Asia, having an elongated snout, three-toed hind legs, and four-toed forelegs: family Tapiridae
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Word Origin for tapir

C18: from Tupi tapiira
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Word Origin and History for tapir


1774, perhaps from French tapir (1580), ultimately from Tupi (Brazil) tapira.

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