[ tuh-rak-suh-kuhm ]

  1. the dried roots of any of several composite plants of the genus Taraxacum, as the dandelion, T. officinale or T. laevigatum, used in medicine in powdered or fluidextract form chiefly as a tonic and aperient.

Origin of taraxacum

1700–10; <New Latin <Arabic ṭarakhshaqūn wild chicory <Persian tarkhashqūn wild endive

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/ (təˈræksəkəm) /

  1. any perennial plant of the genus Taraxacum, such as the dandelion, having dense heads of small yellow flowers and seeds with a feathery attachment: family Asteraceae (composites)

  2. the dried root of the dandelion, used as a laxative, diuretic, and tonic

Origin of taraxacum

C18: from Medieval Latin, from Arabic tarakhshaqūn wild chicory, perhaps of Persian origin

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