[ tahr-goo m; Sephardic Hebrew tahr-goom; Ashkenazic Hebrew tahr-goo m ]
/ ˈtɑr gʊm; Sephardic Hebrew tɑrˈgum; Ashkenazic Hebrew ˈtɑr gʊm /

noun, plural Tar·gums, Hebrew Tar·gu·mim [Sephardic Hebrew tahr-goo-meem; Ashkenazic Hebrew tahr-goo-mim] /Sephardic Hebrew tɑr guˈmim; Ashkenazic Hebrew tɑrˈgu mɪm/.

a translation or paraphrase in Aramaic of a book or division of the Old Testament.

Origin of Targum

From the Aramaic word targūm literally, paraphrase, interpretation


Tar·gum·ic, adjectiveTar·gum·ist, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for targum

/ (ˈtɑːɡəm, Hebrew tarˈɡum) /


an Aramaic translation, usually in the form of an expanded paraphrase, of various books or sections of the Old Testament

Derived forms of Targum

Targumic (tɑːˈɡuːmɪk) or Targumical, adjectiveTargumist, noun

Word Origin for Targum

C16: from Aramaic: interpretation
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