[ tahr-paw-lin, tahr-puh-lin ]
/ tɑrˈpɔ lɪn, ˈtɑr pə lɪn /


a protective covering of canvas or other material waterproofed with tar, paint, or wax.
a hat, especially a sailor's, made of or covered with such material.
Rare. a sailor.

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Origin of tarpaulin

1595–1605; earlier tarpauling. See tar1, pall1, -ing1
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British Dictionary definitions for tarpaulin

/ (tɑːˈpɔːlɪn) /


a heavy hard-wearing waterproof fabric made of canvas or similar material coated with tar, wax, or paint, for outdoor use as a protective covering against moisture
a sheet of this fabric
a hat of or covered with this fabric, esp a sailor's hat
a rare word for seaman

Word Origin for tarpaulin

C17: probably from tar 1 + pall 1 + -ing 1
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