[ tahr-puh n ]
/ ˈtɑr pən /

noun, plural tar·pons, (especially collectively) tar·pon.

a large, powerful game fish, Megalops atlantica, inhabiting the warmer waters of the Atlantic Ocean, having a compressed body and large, silvery scales.

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Origin of tarpon

1675–85; earlier tarpum, trapham, terbum, of uncertain origin; compare Dutch tarpoen; words in various Indian languages of Central America (Miskito tapam, Sumo tahpam, Rama tā́pum, Paya ta’pam) probably ultimately < English

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/ (ˈtɑːpən) /

noun plural -pons or -pon

a large silvery clupeoid game fish, Tarpon atlanticus, of warm Atlantic waters, having a compressed body covered with large scales: family Elopidae
Australian another name for ox-eye herring
any similar related fish

Word Origin for tarpon

C17: perhaps from Dutch tarpoen, of unknown origin

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Word Origin and History for tarpon



large fish (Megalops atlanticus) of the herring family, 1680s, probably from a Native American word. Also called jew-fish.

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