[ tar-ee-toun ]


  1. a village in SE New York, on the Hudson River: restored home of Washington Irving.

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Example Sentences

At the 145th Westminster show in Tarrytown, New York, this weekend, I watched a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Chester trot cheerfully around a ring with his handler, one of several dozen wide-eyed, tail-wagging lookalikes.

From Quartz

Tarrytown has administered about 13,000 doses to people living in group homes or in foster care using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Ching said.

Tarrytown Pharmacy works with this community to provide medication, and some families reached out for help with accessing the coronavirus vaccine, said Rannon Ching, pharmacy manager at Tarrytown’s flagship store.

Then I went through my junior year of high school in Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow High School, Westchester County and then moved to Connecticut for two years.

From Ozy

On the opposite side, in full view from the hotel, is Tarrytown, where poor Andr was captured.

I motored to Tarrytown yesterday and had an interview with Mrs. Bailey.

Once we get to Tarrytown we can linger as long as we please.

A mounted cop on the bridge made sure you were all three inside, and the operator at Tarrytown was a local detective.

She and Margaret had to visit both grandmothers, and go over to Tarrytown, for the Morgans had insisted upon it.