[ tahrt ]
/ tɑrt /


a small pie filled with cooked fruit or other sweetened preparation, usually having no top crust.
a covered pie containing fruit or the like.
Slang. a prostitute or promiscuous woman.

Verb Phrases

tart up, Slang. to adorn, dress, or decorate, especially in a flamboyant manner: The old restaurant was tarted up to look like a Viennese café.

Origin of tart

1350–1400; 1905–10 for def 3; Middle English tarte < Middle French; compare Medieval Latin tarta
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British Dictionary definitions for tart up (1 of 4)

tart up

verb (tr, adverb) British informal

to dress and make (oneself) up in a provocative way
to decorate or improve the appearance ofto tart up a bar

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/ (tɑːt) /


a pastry case often having no top crust, with a sweet or savoury filling

Word Origin for tart

C14: from Old French tarte, of uncertain origin; compare Medieval Latin tarte

British Dictionary definitions for tart up (3 of 4)

/ (tɑːt) /


(of a flavour, food, etc) sour, acid, or astringent
cutting, sharp, or caustica tart remark

Derived forms of tart

tartish, adjectivetartishly, adverbtartly, adverbtartness, noun

Word Origin for tart

Old English teart rough; related to Dutch tarten to defy, Middle High German traz defiance

British Dictionary definitions for tart up (4 of 4)

/ (tɑːt) /


informal a promiscuous woman, esp a prostitute: often a term of abuseSee also tart up

Derived forms of tart

tarty, adjective

Word Origin for tart

C19: shortened from sweetheart
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