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focusing on the completion of particular tasks as a measure of success
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What does task-oriented mean?

Task-oriented means focused on and devoted to completing certain tasks, especially those that contribute to the success of a larger project or job.

A task is something that needs to be done; a small job or duty. When used in compounds like task-oriented, oriented means aligned with or focused on a particular thing (specified by the first word in the phrase). Task-oriented is often used as a positive way of describing someone who is known for getting things done, especially by completing one task at a time in order to complete a larger project.

Example: Luke’s former employer praised him for being task-oriented and consistently completing small projects while keeping the big picture in mind.

Where does task-oriented come from?

The first records of task-oriented come from the mid-1900s. Oriented is used in other compound terms like detail-oriented and goal-oriented (which is very similar in meaning to task-oriented).

Task-oriented is often used in the context of education and the workplace, especially in discussions about achieving goals and success. Managers often use the term in the phrase task-oriented leadership, which encourages setting clear goals for how and when tasks need to get done. An employee may be praised as being task-oriented if they recognize that the small tasks they’re able to complete contribute to the success of a larger project or the company as a whole. In education, task-oriented is used when discussing lessons and the goals and activities associated with them.

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How is task-oriented used in real life?

Task-oriented is typically used (especially by a person in a position of leadership) to describe a desirable quality in an employee or student, such as in a letter of recommendation or résumé.



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