[ tas ]
/ tæs /

noun Chiefly Scot.

a cup or small goblet, especially an ornamental one.
the contents of a cup or goblet; a small draught, as of liquor.


Also tassie.

Origin of tass

1475–85; earlier tasse < Middle French < Arabic ṭass, ṭassah basin < Persian tasht; see tazza

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[ tas, tahs ]
/ tæs, tɑs /


a news-gathering agency of the former Soviet Union: merged with an alternative news service to form Itar-Tass (Russian Information Telegraph Agency).

Origin of Tass

< Russian, acronym from T(elegráfnoe) a(génstvo) S(ovétskogo) S(oyúza) Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union
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tassie (ˈtæsɪ)

/ (tæs) /

noun Scot and Northern English dialect

a cup, goblet, or glass
the contents of such a vessel

Word Origin for tass

C15: from Old French tasse cup, from Arabic tassah basin, from Persian tast

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/ (tæs) /


(formerly) the principal news agency of the Soviet Union: replaced in 1992 by Itar Tass

Word Origin for Tass

T (elegrafnoye) A (genstvo) S (ovetskovo) S (oyuza) Telegraphic Agency of the Soviet Union
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