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[ teys-ting ]


  1. the act of one who tastes food or drink:

    a final tasting of a dish before serving.

  2. a small quantity of food or drink that is tasted; a taste:

    I’d like just a tasting.

  3. a slight experience of something; a taste:

    Now you have a tasting of his stupidity.

  4. an event at which people can sample various wines, or other drinks or foods, for comparative purposes:

    a tasting of champagnes from France.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of tasting1

First recorded in 1375–1400; taste ( def ) + -ing 1( def )

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Example Sentences

Sweat and Morris have five employees, and almost apologetically confess they hire two high school students part-time to polish wine glasses in the tasting room.

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns closed tasting rooms and restaurants, two major revenue streams for small wineries.

In March, when the pandemic first shuttered the tasting room, Manager Jayden Corliss said the business was just trying to keep the heat and lights on.

From Fortune

Tasters found it “too sweet,” “underbaked” and “damp tasting.”

The way the team does this is by collecting a lot of data throughout its process and then having a tasting panel describe the product for them.

But we use, on the average, fewer than a third of those in our tasting notes.

Actually, though, the real secret of a good tasting turkey is not in the food at all.

She canceled bridesmaid dress shopping and wedding cake tasting with her best friend.

Of course, beyond tasting good, these chips make great platforms—the deep ridges enable them to hold dips effectively.

The loftiest noses among the winemakers inhale the finest of scents from the tasting glass and proclaim another masterpiece.

The nurse who handed her the cup noticed a dark red sediment at the bottom, and on tasting it found her tongue blistered!

We had each of us a fresh cocoa-nut with a hole bored in it, containing at least a pint of clear, sweet-tasting water.

Tessa was tasting the peaches, her throat so full of sobs that she swallowed the fruit with pain.

Brother Jackson made a motion with his mouth, as though he were tasting some pleasant savour.

They found the hole which Ready had dug quite full of water, and, tasting it, it proved very sweet and good.


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