[ tat-l ]
/ ˈtæt l /

verb (used without object), tat·tled, tat·tling.

to let out secrets.
to chatter, prate, or gossip.

verb (used with object), tat·tled, tat·tling.

to utter idly; disclose by gossiping.


the act of tattling.
idle talk; chatter; gossip.

Origin of tattle

1475–85; < Dutch tatelen; cognate with Middle Low German tatelen

Related forms

tat·tling·ly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for tattle


/ (ˈtætəl) /


(intr) to gossip about another's personal matters or secrets
(tr) to reveal by gossipingto tattle a person's secrets
(intr) to talk idly; chat


the act or an instance of tattling
a scandalmonger or gossip

Word Origin for tattle

C15 (in the sense: to stammer, hesitate): from Middle Dutch tatelen to prate, of imitative origin
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