[ taw-tuh-nim ]
/ ˈtɔ tə nɪm /

noun Biology.

a scientific name in which the generic and the specific names are the same, as Chloris chloris (the greenfinch).

Origin of tautonym

1895–1900; < Greek tautṓnymos of the same name, equivalent to tauto- tauto- + -ōnymos named; see -onym

Related forms

tau·to·nym·ic, tau·ton·y·mous [taw-ton-uh-muh s] /tɔˈtɒn ə məs/, adjectivetau·ton·y·my, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for tautonym


/ (ˈtɔːtənɪm) /


biology a taxonomic name in which the generic and specific components are the same, as in Rattus rattus (black rat)

Derived Forms

tautonymic or tautonymous (tɔːˈtɒnɪməs), adjectivetautonymy, noun

Word Origin for tautonym

C20: from Greek tautonymos. See tauto-, -onym
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