tawny owl

  1. a European owl, Strix aluco, having a reddish-brown or grey plumage, black eyes, and a round head: Also called: brown owl, wood owl

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Tawny Owl

  1. a name (no longer in official use) for an assistant Brownie Guider

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How to use tawny owl in a sentence

  • The white owl was out, with its peculiar grating cry; so was the tawny owl, breaking forth into its loud hail—hoi-hoi-hoi!

    Crown and Sceptre | George Manville Fenn
  • Suddenly, from the ruined garden above him on the brow of the slope, came the dread hunting cry of his old enemy, the tawny owl.

    Creatures of the Night | Alfred W. Rees
  • Never before had Mrs Monnerie so closely resembled a puffed-out tawny owl.

    Memoirs of a Midget | Walter de la Mare
  • The tawny owl has a large head, and is about fourteen inches in height.

    Reptiles and Birds | Louis Figuier
  • Rarest of all, we may sometimes stumble across the home of the tawny owl.