tax credit


  1. (in Britain) a social security benefit paid in the form of an additional income tax allowance

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Example Sentences

McConnell similarly talked out of both sides of his mouth on the minimum wage, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and other issues.

True, he would not compromise on a tax credit for low-wage workers that Republicans opposed.

Second, Clinton said the tax credit for small businesses is too low.

In the case of a purely electric car like the expensive Tesla Model S, a $7,500 tax credit attaches to each purchase.

And people who qualify for the earned income-tax credit pretty much have to take it in an annual lump sum.

We should make that tax credit refundable for low-income families.

I agree that we need a tax credit for working families with children.

We do it by providing a health-insurance tax credit of up to $3750 for each low-income family.

I propose a tax credit of $1,000 for the aged, ailing or disabled and the families who care for them.

And our plan also includes a new tax credit for stay-at-home parents, too.


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