[ tak-son-uh-mee ]
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noun,plural tax·on·o·mies.
  1. the science or technique of classification.

  2. a classification into ordered categories: a proposed taxonomy of educational objectives.

  1. Biology. the science dealing with the description, identification, naming, and classification of organisms.

Origin of taxonomy

First recorded in 1805–15, taxonomy is from the French word taxonomie.See taxo-, -nomy

Other words from taxonomy

  • tax·o·nom·ic [tak-suh-nom-ik], /ˌtæk səˈnɒm ɪk/, tax·o·nom·i·cal, adjective
  • tax·o·nom·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • tax·on·o·mist, tax·on·o·mer, noun
  • non·tax·o·nom·ic, adjective
  • non·tax·o·nom·i·cal, adjective
  • non·tax·o·nom·i·cal·ly, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for taxonomy


/ (tækˈsɒnəmɪ) /

    • the branch of biology concerned with the classification of organisms into groups based on similarities of structure, origin, etc

    • the practice of arranging organisms in this way

  1. the science or practice of classification

Origin of taxonomy

C19: from French taxonomie, from Greek taxis order + -nomy

Derived forms of taxonomy

  • taxonomic (ˌtæksəˈnɒmɪk) or taxonomical, adjective
  • taxonomically, adverb
  • taxonomist or taxonomer, noun

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Scientific definitions for taxonomy


[ tăk-sŏnə-mē ]

  1. The scientific classification of organisms into specially named groups based either on shared characteristics or on evolutionary relationships as inferred from the fossil record or established by genetic analysis.

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Cultural definitions for taxonomy


[ (tak-son-uh-mee) ]

The classification of living things. (See Linnean classification.)

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