[ tee-boh ]

verb (used without object)Sometimes tebow .
  1. to express religious faith, gratitude, reverence, or awe, usually in public, by dropping to one knee, head resting on one's fist: People now expect her to Tebow whenever she wins a race.At his first sight of the Grand Canyon, he shocked us all by tebowing right at the edge.

  2. to assume this kneeling pose or some key elements of it as for a joke, in imitation of the prayerful pose, or in mockery of religious faith: I can't believe he actually taught his dog to tebow before every game!

Origin of Tebow

2011; after Timothy Richard “Tim” Tebow , American football quarterback, known for praying after scoring

word story For Tebow

This is a fad word used during the 2011–2012 American football season. Whether it will last significantly beyond that remains to be seen.

Other words from Tebow

  • Te·bow·er, noun
  • Te·bow·ing, noun

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