tech support

[ tek suh-pawrt ]


  1. an advising and troubleshooting service provided by a manufacturer, typically a software or hardware developer, to its customers, often online or on the telephone.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of tech support1

First recorded in 1975–80

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Example Sentences

In Pro Tools’ case, for instance, you can pay for a permanent license but only get upgrades and tech support for one year.

This will help the company “prepare the facilities and tech support for an orderly return to the office,” Federle wrote.

From Digiday

Because of its popularity, he organized a last-minute follow-up session, where his lab team provided tech support to dozens of interested scientists.

It’s the typical family routine of seniors calling their adult children for tech support — only the stakes could be life or death.

Apple’s India website says it will offer services like online shopping and tech support, localized payment options, and contact-free delivery of Apple products.

From Fortune

Tech support comes from India, not from the guy working on the fifth floor.

Keeping those servers running and answering the tech-support questions of tens of millions of people costs a lot of money.

In the late 1990s he founded, a company that provided online tech support.

We have contacts at most of the sites, so that they can help us out and give us quick tech support.





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