[ tek-nuh-krat-ik ]


  1. of, relating to, or designating a technocrat or technocracy.

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Word History and Origins

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Example Sentences

The term “solutionism,” usually in the form of “technocratic solutionism,” has been used since the 1960s to mean the belief that every problem can be fixed with technology.

A successful vaccination agenda might have helped erase the memory of the string of missteps, but under Modi it has only been one technocratic mistake after another.

This doesn’t happen for every project, or every time, and tensions between technocratic planners and community development groups remain.

Less entertained by these proposals have been the technocratic members of Bolsonaro’s economic team, led by Economy Minister Paulo Guedes.

From Time

Historically, the first 6 to 12 months are crucial for technocratic governments in getting their goals accomplished.

From Time

Fluoride first entered an American water supply through a rather inelegant technocratic scheme.

Before environmental politics became technocratic in the 1990s, it raised basic questions.

The futurists she meets are full of bold predictions and technocratic optimism.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that these votes were, from a technocratic perspective, very risky.

Within a business, someone with the technocratic mindset does not get very far.

Centaurus, older and less virile than Terra, was unable to match Terras rate of technocratic advance.

It is famous because it is non-partisan and technocratic in nature.

The Pas-udeti civilization was stable; it had reached a certain point of technocratic development and then leveled off.


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