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[ tek-nuh-loj-i-kuhl ]


  1. of or relating to technology; relating to science and industry.
  2. Economics. caused by technical advances in production methods.

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Other Words From

  • techno·logi·cal·ly adverb
  • anti·techno·logi·cal adjective
  • nontech·no·logic adjective
  • nontech·no·logi·cal adjective
  • nontech·no·logi·cal·ly adverb
  • pretech·no·logi·cal adjective
  • pretech·no·logi·cal·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of technological1

First recorded in 1620–30; technolog(y) + -ical

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Example Sentences

Teachers are learning technological skills that “none of us ever dreamt they’d have,” he said.

Using a technological solution like Co-WIN is a departure from the norm, and it’s meant to be an upgrade.

Even with technological improvements to the home-selling process, like 3D home tours, there are still many fewer homes on the market this year than last.

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Economic, technological, political, and social norms are all changing.

Before You Buy a Home Security SystemInvesting in a technological upgrade should always start with a quick assessment of your own needs and environment.

Best Buy is caught up in the breakneck world of technological innovation.

They were there to put on a show and deliver a message: behold, we are a technological power with which to be reckoned!

I suggest you read my book Technological Slavery,” his letter concludes, “which you can probably get from

The regal technological milestone was passed as the Queen attended the opening of  a new gallery at the Science Museum in London.

In a computerized society, the pace of technological innovation helps shape nearly all our day-to-day habits.

He had gone to a technological institute, where he had made himself master of the theory and practice of metallurgy.

But in all progressing communities an advance is presently made beyond this early stage of technological development.

There is no technological, mechanical defect; it's worse, it's infinitely worse: you've created a Frankenstein in The Brain.

The courses of the school include a business course, a technological course, and a college preparatory course.

Each war brought a great surge of technological development, to build better weapons, to fight bigger wars.





technol.technological unemployment