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or teen·aged

[ teen-eyj ]


  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a teenager.


/ ˈtiːnˌeɪdʒ /


  1. prenominal of or relating to the time in a person's life between the ages of 13 and 19 inclusive


  1. this period of time

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Word History and Origins

Origin of teenage1

1920–25; teen ( teens ) + age

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Example Sentences

That was a private moment of a teenage girl not in the right head space.

You play as Tess, a teenage girl on a road trip with her single mom, Opal.

Bullock spent part of his teenage years living on the streets in Washington.

Maria Milagro Vasquez finally has Internet and, with help from a teenage neighbor, can confidently use it.

Officer Christine Peters, 49, leaves behind a husband, two teenage children and heartbroken officers at the Greenbelt Police Department.

In this clip, a teenage Minaj gets heated and throws a phone in a play rehearsal during her tenure at LaGuardia High School.

And it led him in his teenage years to declare his ambition to become a cop.

“A few words and we fell in love,” she says, the smile of her teenage years returning to her face.

The woman and her husband and teenage daughter were all slain.

As you exit your teenage years, are there artist you would like to emulate?

And I asked the mother if the young girl, teenage girl, could come and stay at the house.

A teenage hacker-turned-hero pits himself against the government to fight for his basic freedoms.

Were you later called down to the—did the teenage boy ask for any transfer?

And I won't have these teenage girls for Kenneth with their boyfriends lolling all over the sofa.

And that teenage picnic—there would be trouble unless she, and not someone else, were chaperoning it.