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noun, plural tel·an·gi·ec·ta·ses [tel-an-jee-ek-tuh-seez] /tɛlˌæn dʒiˈɛk təˌsiz/. Pathology.
  1. chronic dilatation of the capillaries and other small blood vessels.
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Origin of telangiectasis

1825–35; < New Latin < Greek tél(os) end + angeî(on) receptacle + éktasis extension
Related formstel·an·gi·ec·tat·ic [tel-an-jee-ek-tat-ik] /tɛlˌæn dʒi ɛkˈtæt ɪk/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for telangiectasis


telangiectasia (tɪˌlændʒɪɛkˈteɪzɪə)

noun plural -ses (-ˌsiːz) or -sias
  1. pathol an abnormal dilation of the capillaries or terminal arteries producing blotched red spots, esp on the face or thighs
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Derived Formstelangiectatic (tɪˌlændʒɪɛkˈtætɪk), adjective

Word Origin for telangiectasis

C19: New Latin, from Greek telos end + angeion vessel + ektasis dilation
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