/ tɛlˈɔːtəˌɡræf; -ˌɡrɑːf; ˌtɛlɔːˈtɒɡrəfɪ /


  1. a telegraphic device for reproducing handwriting, drawings, etc, the movements of an electromagnetically controlled pen at one end being transmitted along a line to a similar pen at the receiving end

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Derived Forms

  • telˌautoˈgraphic, adjective
  • telautography, noun

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Example Sentences

This is, as nearly as it may be described without the use of technical mechanical terms, the principle of the telautograph.

For many years before he was known as the wizard of the telautograph, he was foremost in the ranks of physicists and electricians.

The action of the telautograph depends upon the variations in magnetic strength between two small electro-magnets.

This apparatus, at first called the telautograph, but now known as the telewriter, it will be more convenient to refer to later.

An ordinary telegraph may be read by sound; but not the telautograph.


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