or tel·ly

[ tel-ee ]

nounBritish Informal.

Origin of tele

By shortening

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  1. a combining form meaning “distant,” especially “transmission over a distance,” used in the formation of compound words: telegraph.

Origin of tele-

Combining form representing Greek têle far, akin to télos end (see tele-2)

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  1. a combining form meaning “end,” “complete,” used in the formation of compound words: telestich.

Origin of tele-

Combining form representing Greek télos end, and téleios perfected; akin to teleîn to fulfill

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  1. television. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

How to use tele in a sentence

  • Vitter has been holding a series of town-hall meetings and tele-town-hall meetings, signaling the obvious intention.

  • Mandleco strode for the tele-stat, then turned back and pointed a trembling finger at Beardsley.

    We're Friends, Now | Henry Hasse
  • His thumb tripped the tele-transport control and from the engine rooms came a drone of power.

    Empire | Clifford Donald Simak
  • Once again the tele-transport had reached out, wrapped its fingers around the men who stepped from the little ship.

    Empire | Clifford Donald Simak
  • He dropped the tele-talkie behind the seat and examined the gauge on his oxygen tank.

    The Quantum Jump | Robert Wicks

British Dictionary definitions for tele-


combining form
  1. at or over a distance; distant: telescope; telegony; telekinesis; telemeter

  2. television: telecast

  1. by means of or via telephone or television

Origin of tele-

from Greek tele far

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Scientific definitions for tele-


  1. A prefix that means “at a distance,” as in telemetry.

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