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telephone number


  1. a set of figures identifying the telephone of a particular subscriber, and used in making connections to that telephone
  2. plural extremely large numbers, esp in reference to salaries or prices

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Example Sentences

“The battery was dying so I called directory inquiries using my own phone to get a telephone number he asked for,” she said.

The country is ruled from behind closed doors, a building without an address or a telephone number.

Still filming, I saw her that evening at the premiere, and I gave her my telephone number on the back of a tube ticket.

Emails to Cazeau-Béraudière Gallery bounced back and a general telephone number appears to have been disconnected.

He even had business cards with a Dutch telephone number printed up.

If Burkey knew the Eye's telephone number he apparently kept it in his head.

Now when you reported to Lee Oswald the name of the agent and the telephone number, you put that on a slip of paper.

I would like to return to your furnishing of the name and the telephone number of Agent Hosty.

You can get his home telephone number from the night operator at the State House.

The obliging central asked her telephone number and promised to call her in a moment.


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