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telephone pole


  1. a utility pole for supporting telephone wires.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of telephone pole1

An Americanism dating back to 1880–85
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Example Sentences

One driver swerved off the road to avoid him, crashing into a telephone pole.

They were greeted by a geyser of steam as tall as a telephone pole shooting out of the hole.

In lawsuits filed over the past week, Indianapolis and four other Indiana cities say that companies like Netflix should pay a “right of way” tax for accessing municipal telephone infrastructure like cables and telephone poles.

From Fortune

Finally—his eyes on me instead of where he was going—he drove into a telephone pole with a horrifying crash.

She was found slumped over the wheel in her Mercedes coupe, which had crashed into a telephone pole.

Just across the alley from this point, Black Hood spied a wood telephone pole.

The machine halted, but with a telephone-pole almost between the front wheels!

A bird hovered above a telephone pole, its wings glued to the blue vault of the sky.

"Bump," it went up against a telephone pole and the wind left it there.

I remember one picture he took of a wheat straw that was driven into a telephone pole.





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