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[ tel-uh-foh-toh ]


  1. noting or pertaining to telephotography.



[ tel-uh-foh-toh ]

  1. a brand of apparatus for electrical transmission of photographs.
  2. a photograph transmitted by this apparatus.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of telephoto1

1890–95; short for telephotographic; telephotograph, -ic

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Example Sentences

Affleck presses a kiss to Lopez’s famous butt, and paparazzi aim telephoto lenses in their direction.

From Vox

A normal triple-camera layout would include a main "wide-angle" camera, a telephoto camera, and an ultra-wide-angle camera—that's probably a safe assumption here.

For example, if you zoom to 8x, the phone will merge final shots from both of its 10-megapixel telephoto lenses.

It has a super-wide, the main wide-angle, and the telephoto.

You get the 12-megapixel wide camera and the ultra-wide camera without the telephoto.

Each time, the 1920s version of paparazzi found him and trained their telephoto lenses on his barracks.

In this era of the telephoto lens, she can have no bad hair days for the rest of her life.

This in turn I have displaced with a Dallmeyer telephoto lens, mounted in aluminum, which I consider a marvelous instrument.

A telephoto attachment increases the photographer's power of rendering distant details on a large scale.

Olear finally consented to speak a few words for the Telephoto News Co.

Other columns of the paper contained regular wire news stories and telephoto pictures.

The telephoto lens is a great help in taking the more timid subjects.


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