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One of the commissioners, Ryan Johnson, told a local television station the decision poured cold water on “something that brings so much joy, happiness and hope, quite frankly, which we need a lot of right now.”

At a Wisconsin facility, some workers quit after being told they had to be vaccinated, one employee told a local television station.

A local television station ran a segment about him, and the publicity brought offers of help.

No major professional sports teams, no major television stations, no mountains, no medical school, one law school.

Media Matters said it is also concerned about Sinclair Broadcast Group, the conservative company that owns local television stations across the United States.

Reporters from Russia Today, the Russian government English-language television station, walked out of jail while we were there.

Every major newspaper and television station in Japan is covering the story.

She intends to file a complaint with the Iranian judiciary against the Iranian television station who broadcast the false claims.

Every major newspaper and television station in Japan reported the news of the decision on the eve of March 31, Japan time.

His wife, Amy Wegmann, is an anchor on a local Fox television station and they have a young son, Henry Jude Radel IV.

Broadcast kits went out to every radio and television station in the country.

We do have a transcript and we listened to it on the tape last night over at the television station too.

The Albanians opened their first television station for experimentation in May 1960.

Every eye, ear, radio and television station will be turned towards Manhattan.

It supplies all national and local newspapers with news items, as well as radio stations and the single television station.





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