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[tee-lee-uh-spawr, -spohr, tel-ee-]
noun Mycology.
  1. a spore of certain rust fungi, which carries the fungus through the winter and which, on germination, produces the promycelium.
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Origin of teliospore

1870–75; telio- (combining form of telium) + -spore
Also called te·leu·to·spore [tuh-loo-tuh-spawr, -spohr] /təˈlu təˌspɔr, -ˌspoʊr/.
Related formste·li·o·spor·ic, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for teliospore


  1. any of the dark noninfective spores that are produced in each telium of the rust fungi and remain dormant during the winterAlso called: teleutospore
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Word Origin for teliospore

C20: from telium + spore
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