reckless boldness; rashness.

Origin of temerity

1400–50; late Middle English temeryte < Latin temeritās hap, chance, rashness, equivalent to temer(e) by chance, rashly + -itās -ity

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rashness or boldness
Derived Formstemerarious (ˌtɛməˈrɛərɪəs), adjective

Word Origin for temerity

C15: from Latin temeritās accident, from temere at random
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Word Origin and History for temerity

early 15c., from Middle French témérité (15c.), from Latin temeritatem (nominative temeritas) "blind chance, accident, rashness," from temere "by chance, blindly, casually, rashly," related to tenebrae "darkness," from PIE root *temes- "dark" (cf. Sanskrit tamas- "darkness," tamsrah "dark;" Avestan temah "darkness;" Lithuanian tamsa "darkness," tamsus "dark;" Old Church Slavonic tima "darkness;" Old High German dinstar "dark;" Old Irish temel "darkness").

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