[tuh-nak-yuh-luh m]

noun, plural te·nac·u·la [tuh-nak-yuh-luh] /təˈnæk yə lə/.

Surgery. a small sharp-pointed hook set in a handle, used for seizing and picking up parts in operations and dissections.
Entomology. a clasplike appendage on the abdomen of a springtail, which holds the springing device in place.

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Origin of tenaculum

1685–95; < Latin tenāculum instrument for gripping, equivalent to ten(ēre) to hold + -ā- (from v. stems ending in -ā-; see gubernaculum) + -culum -cule2

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British Dictionary definitions for tenaculum


noun plural -la (-lə)

a surgical or dissecting instrument for grasping and holding parts, consisting of a slender hook mounted in a handle

Word Origin for tenaculum

C17: from Late Latin, from Latin tenēre to hold

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Medicine definitions for tenaculum



n. pl. te•nac•u•la (-lə)

A long-handled, slender, hooked instrument for lifting and holding parts, such as blood vessels, during surgery.

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