[ten-den-shuh s]


having or showing a definite tendency, bias, or purpose: a tendentious novel.

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Also ten·den·cious, ten·den·tial [ten-den-shuh l] /tɛnˈdɛn ʃəl/.

Origin of tendentious

1895–1900; < Medieval Latin tendenti(a) tendency + -ous

Related formsten·den·tious·ly, adverbten·den·tious·ness, noun

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having or showing an intentional tendency or bias, esp a controversial one
Derived Formstendentiously, tendenciously, tendentially or tendencially, adverbtendentiousness or tendenciousness, noun

Word Origin for tendentious

C20: from tendency

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Word Origin and History for tendentious



1900, formed after or from German tendenziös, from tendenz, from Medieval Latin tendentia (see tendency).

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