verb (used with object), ten·der·ized, ten·der·iz·ing.

to make (meat) tender, as by pounding or by a chemical process or treatment.

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Also especially British, ten·der·ise.

Origin of tenderize

First recorded in 1725–35; tender1 + -ize

Related formsten·der·i·za·tion, nounten·der·iz·er, nounun·ten·der·ized, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for tenderizer




a substance, such as the plant enzyme papain, rubbed onto meat to soften the fibres and make it more tender




(tr) to make (meat) tender by pounding it to break down the fibres, by steeping it in a marinade, or by treating it with a tenderizer
Derived Formstenderization or tenderisation, noun

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