[ ten-uhnt ]

  1. Smithson, 1761–1815, English chemist: discoverer of osmium and iridium.

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How to use Tennant in a sentence

  • She co-stars alongside veteran model Stella Tennant and 16-year-old fellow newcomer, Yumi Lambert.

  • Hes so funny, hes been giving Mr. Tennant advice what to do when hes a lonely bachelor in Australia.

    Chains | Elizabeth Baker
  • We haventnot exactlybut hes been so funny ever since Mr. Tennant said he was going to Australia.

    Chains | Elizabeth Baker
  • Everybody speaks as if Mr. Tennant was a wicked person going round tempting poor husbands to desert their wives.

    Chains | Elizabeth Baker
  • Ive been thinking, dear, that we shall feel a little dull to-night without Mr. Tennant.

    Chains | Elizabeth Baker
  • The words in the Hebrew original are said by Tennant to be all but identical with those in use in Ceylon at the present date.