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tent city

[ tent sit-ee ]


  1. an area set up with tents, especially to house unsheltered, homeless, or displaced people.

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Example Sentences

He highlighted reporting on the sprawling tent cities south of the San Ysidro port of entry, growing because of the Migrant Protection Protocols, a federal policy that’s forced migrants to wait in Mexico as their cases are resolved.

KPBS’s Max Rivlin-Nadler painted a vivid picture of life in this growing tent city, which has attracted a crew of volunteer cooks, doctors, teachers and social workers.

The residents of this tent city are asylum-seekers who have already been waiting in Mexico for months and hope the new president means their wait is finally over.

Speaking of MPP, two local reporters wrote separate stories about a sprawling tent city growing just south of the San Ysidro port of entry.

The deadly crash Monday as a storm approached was a shocking reminder of the dangers people who live in those tent cities face and of the challenge the mayor and a largely new class of City Council members have inherited.

Today Skid Row resembles a Third World tent city teeming with sleeping bags, shopping carts, and people with nowhere else to go.

In the frigid temperatures, demonstrators constructed barricades, built a massive tent city and occupied government buildings.

They call their tent city Romneyville, a play on the Hoovervilles, shantytowns of the Great Depression.

Lynn Waddell talks to the tent-city organizers—and the city police chief making preparations.

Still, the show felt nothing like an energizing, disorienting walk through the tent-city stronghold in Zuccotti Park.

They filled the town and overflowed on to the sands outside, where a great tent-city grew up.

Where means permit it, a family may have a little tent city all to itself; and they don't call the tent city a sanitarium.

I would have taken it myself—before I first went to the Tent City.

Electricity is now established at Laguna Beach and the laboratory and tent city are well provided with an ample lighting system.

The tent city and dining hall will again offer accommodations at reasonable prices.


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