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see on tenterhooks.

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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
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What does tenterhooks mean?

Tenterhooks are hooks used to attach cloth to a tenter—a frame on which cloth is stretched during the manufacturing process so that it can keep its shape while drying.

The singular form of the word is tenterhook.

Tenterhooks are no longer widely used in cloth manufacturing, and the word tenterhooks is now almost exclusively used in the metaphorical phrase on tenterhooks, meaning in a state of painfully anxious suspense or tension. Being on tenterhooks typically involves being extremely nervous while awaiting the outcome of a tense situation, such as a close election, an exciting sports game, or a horror movie.

Example: I’ve been on tenterhooks all morning waiting for the doctor’s office to call back with my test results.

Where does the word tenterhooks come from?

The first records of the word tenterhooks come from the late 1400s. Tenter comes from the Middle English tente, which means “to stretch” and derives from the Latin tēnsus, meaning “tense.” The word tenter was formerly used as a synonym for tenterhook, and the expression on tenters was used before on tenterhooks to mean the same thing.

Most of the people who use the phrase on tenterhooks have probably never seen actual tenterhooks, and most may not even know what they are. But it’s a good metaphor—when someone is described as being on tenterhooks, they feel tense and stretched thin, just like the fabric on a tenter. The phrase on tenterhooks is often applied to negative situations, but it can be used to describe someone who’s nervously excited.

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Tenterhooks is almost exclusively used in the phrase on tenterhooks.



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Which of the following terms is a synonym of the phrase on tenterhooks?

A. on edge
B. tense
C. anxious
D. all of the above

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