[ tee-uh-kal-ee, tey-uh-kah-lee; Spanish te-aw-kah-yee ]
/ ˌti əˈkæl i, ˌteɪ əˈkɑ li; Spanish ˌtɛ ɔˈkɑ yi /

noun, plural te·o·cal·lis [tee-uh-kal-eez, tey-uh-kah-leez; Spanish te-aw-kah-yees] /ˌti əˈkæl iz, ˌteɪ əˈkɑ liz; Spanish ˌtɛ ɔˈkɑ yis/.

a ceremonial structure of the Aztecs, consisting of a truncated terraced pyramid supporting a temple.

Origin of teocalli

1605–15; < Nahuatl, equivalent to teō(tl) god + calli house
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/ (ˌtiːəʊˈkælɪ) /

noun plural -lis

any of various truncated pyramids built by the Aztecs as bases for their temples

Word Origin for teocalli

C17: from Nahuatl, from teotl god + calli house
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