term limit


  1. Often term limits. a statutory limit on the number of terms an official may serve:

    the Twenty-second Amendment, which imposed term limits on U.S. presidents.

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Example Sentences

So I think that if we could get term limits on Congress, we could get more fresh faces, more fresh ideas.

From Ozy

The Council will have to again waive its term limits to make that happen.

Thiry previously donated to ballot measure committees in California, to prevent changes to term limits and to create a system for redistricting led jointly by Democrats, Republicans and citizens unaffiliated with a political party.

From Fortune

Others are aggressively pushing to install term limits on the top spot for committees, similar to the six-year limit Republicans impose on their chairmen.

In 2002, voters in Los Angeles County agreed to restrict all county term limits to three four-year terms.

Because many sheriffs had taken fines and ransoms for their own use, a term limit of one year was imposed.





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