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[ tur-muh-ney-shuhn ]


  1. the act of terminating
  2. the fact of being terminated.
  3. the place or part where anything terminates; bound or limit.
  4. an end or extremity; close or conclusion.
  5. an issue or result.
  6. Grammar. a suffix or ending.
  7. an ending of employment with a specific employer.


/ ˌtɜːmɪˈneɪʃən /


  1. the act of terminating or the state of being terminated
  2. something that terminates
  3. a final result

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Derived Forms

  • ˌtermiˈnational, adjective

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Other Words From

  • termi·nation·al adjective
  • nonter·mi·nation noun
  • unter·mi·nation·al adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of termination1

1400–50; late Middle English terminacion < Latin terminātiōn- (stem of terminātiō ) decision. See terminate, -ion

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Example Sentences

The state informed Prospect that the termination would delay the review process as Rhode Island needed to hire a new accounting firm.

After these terminations, the Open Technology Fund immediately filed suit challenging the agency, resulting in a win that restricted it from removing or replacing employees at the fund.

Emery and Darche said the appropriate penalty for the use of a banned chokehold maneuver is termination, although Emery added that only applies to cases where there were no mitigating circumstances.

Nine members of Pruitt’s staff were also sent notices of termination, including assistant coaches Brian Niedermeyer and Shelton Felton and four members of the on-campus recruiting staff.

That led to GitHub CEO Nat Friedman telling employees the company would investigate the termination of the employee.

Wright has filed a civil lawsuit alleging wrongful termination.

But she expressed no regrets mainly because of her concerns about how much her fetus suffered before termination.

I remembered the usual termination of Platonic liaisons, and thought how disgusted I had been whenever I heard of one.

"He's too good for MSNBC," Coulter emailed The Daily Beast after Baldwin's termination.

This was it: An impending termination of the oppression and hardship that comprised so many of our Arab landscapes.

Sam sat opposite him in perfect silence, waiting, with eager curiosity, for the termination of the scene.

This information was balm to Louis, as it seemed to promise a peaceful termination to so threatening an affair.

Wars in India and China, brought gloriously to an advantageous termination.

By some of the best historical writers, the commencement and termination are variously stated.

As the names are now, I do not see anything purely Scandinavian in them, except the termination -by.


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More About Termination

What does termination mean?

Termination is the act of bringing something to an end or the physical end of something.

Termination is the noun form of the verb terminate, meaning to bring an end to. It also means to fire someone from a job, and termination is perhaps most commonly used as a way to refer to this process or its result, as in His employment with the company ended in termination. 

Example: The termination of the program last year hurt the many people who relied on its benefits.

Where does termination come from?

The first records of termination come from around the 1400s. It ultimately derives from the Latin verb termināre, meaning “to set boundaries,” from terminus, meaning “end” (the word terminus is also used in English to mean “end”).

The verb terminate can sound quite deadly, probably due at least in part to the Terminator series of movies featuring time-traveling, killer robots (who always manage to travel just not far enough back in time to get the job done). Even if you’re not being hunted by a robot from the future, getting terminated is never a good thing. In real life, it often means getting fired, and termination is often the official, HR-approved term for the process.

But termination doesn’t always refer to the end of one’s life or the end of one’s job. The termination of a legal contract is the ending of it for a particular reason, perhaps because the period of the contract is over. The termination of a word is the suffix or ending part—the termination of termination is the suffix -tion. In a physical sense, a termination is where something ends or its boundary. However, when referring to something like a trail, the word terminus is more often used to mean the same thing.

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What are some other forms related to termination?

  • terminate (verb)
  • terminational (adjective)
  • nontermination (noun)
  • unterminational (adjective)

What are some synonyms for termination?

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How is termination used in real life?

Termination is most often used in a technical way or in an official context. It is perhaps most commonly used in reference to the firing of an employee, but this sense is mostly used by HR reps and lawyers.



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A. beginning
B. cut-off
C. end
D. cessation




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