[turp-si-kuh-ree-uh n, turp-si-kawr-ee-uh n, -kohr-]


pertaining to dancing.
(initial capital letter) of or relating to Terpsichore.


a dancer.

Origin of terpsichorean

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Historical Examples of terpsichorean

  • If this troupe of terpsichorean marauders was to be dislodged she must have assistance.

    The Girl on the Boat

    Pelham Grenville Wodehouse

  • I have also received several invitations to Terpsichorean revels.

  • There was a shout of laughter from the boys at this burst of terpsichorean art.

  • Of all the towns of Europe Vienna is the Terpsichorean town.

    My Austrian Love

    Maxime Provost

  • Associated words: terpsichorean, Terpsichore, choregraphy, dervish.

    Putnam's Word Book

    Louis A. Flemming

British Dictionary definitions for terpsichorean


adjective Also: Terpsichoreal

of or relating to dancing or the art of dancing


a dancer
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Word Origin and History for terpsichorean

"pertaining to dancing," 1869, literally "of Terpsichore," from Latinized form of Greek Terpsikhore, muse of dancing and dramatic chorus (see Terpsichore). Hence theatrical slang terp "stage dancer, chorus girl" (1937).

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